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New Trends in English Facilitator's Guide

Our Mission Statement

To Produce, promote and provide new and novel educational material that suit current educational and technological dictates.

Our Publications

We have two trade mark textbooks which are Yeukai Chishona & New Trends. These brands are found on both primary and Secondary textbooks.
New Trends in Food Technology & Design Form 2

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in giving back to the community. To date we have donated textbooks in various schools in all parts of Zimbabwe.

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About The Publishers

We are a publishing team of educated, motivated, and experienced teachers operating in Zimbabwe.

Our Pride & Joy

We house two trade marks which are Yeukai Chishona & New Trends.

Our Vision

We aim to become a publishing industry game changer.

We publish & distribute competence-based curriculum textbooks.

*We work with the Ministry of Primary & Secondary Education.
Edulight books was established in 2016 under the Companies Act Chapter 24:03...

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*We have provided a lot of textbooks Many Schools. Be Part of the Family.
All our publications satisfy the requirements of the new educational blueprint.

Wise words from our CEO

*Watadza M. 2019
If humanity in Africa is to attain economic renaissance, political, inclusivity, religious tolerance, global participation & development for present & future generations, then there is urgent need to triple investments on sustainable education.

The Right stop shop for competence based curriculum textbooks.

As Edulight Books, we seek to ensure that every child in rural or urban Zimbabwe is afforded their right to education through access to learning materials, particulary textbooks.


Teachers & Lecturers

The textbooks are crafted in a user-friendly way that any and every teacher and lecturer can use.


Students can easily grasp the concepts in the textbooks as they are written by teachers themselves.


Every parent or guardian can easily use these textbooks to train and teach their children from home with ease.

Together in Education.

As Edulight Publishers, our main objective is to produce, promote and provide new and novel textbooks for primary, secondary and tertiary education.

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    edulight logo

    Edulight Publishers main objective is to produce, promote and provide new and novel textbooks for primary, secondary and tertiary education.

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