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Managing Director's Message

“If humanity in Africa is to attain economic renaissance, political inclusivity, religious tolerance, global social participation and development for present and future generations then there is urgent need to triple investments on sustainable education”

Watadza M 2019.

About Edulight Books

Edulight Books was established in 2016 under Companies Act Chapter 24:03. The main objective of the organisation is to publish, promote and distribute new and novel textbooks and other learning material for primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. With the advent of the competence based curriculum in Zimbabwe, there is need for more players in the publishing sector in order to provide a wide range of learning material.

As Edulight Books, we seek to ensure that every child in the rural or urban Zimbabwe is afforded their right to education through access to learning materials, particularly textbooks. Edulight Books comprises of a  dedicated, experienced and innovative professionals, united by a common commitment to ethics, honesty, integrity and performance. Our entrepreneurial culture fosters open communication amongst members of our team, bringing together knowledge and insights across  industries and all business lines in the communities we operate in.

Our Product Basket

Edulight Books houses two major trademarks which are New Trends and Yeukai ChiShona.

These publications caters for all learning materials for both Primary and Secondary Education. All our publications have gone through evaluation and have been approved by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education through its Curriculum Development Unit. Edulight Books owns full commercial rights on all the publications and deposits of the books have been made to the Zimbabwe Intellectual Property Office (ZIPO) which is the national office that administers intellectual property in Zimbabwe. Deposits have also been made to the Zimbabwe National Library and Documentation Services as prescribed by Law.  Our authors and editors are qualified teachers practicing in various rural and urban schools across Zimbabwe. Their vast experience and knowledge in their respective disciplines is a major foundation upon which our publications are crafted. Edulight Books satisfies the tenets and dictates of the New Curriculum.


Our Vision

To become a publishing
industry game changer


Our Mission

To publish, promote and distribute educational material that suits current educational, environmental  and technological dictates.

Our Philosophy

The Business Of Business Is Business


Our processes are driven by a relentless
focus on customer outcomes. We build
appropriate educational solutions that
incorporate publishing of textbooks
and other related products and services.



Publications made since inception


Years in operation


10 000

Books distributed countrywide